Dental Hygienist


Jess graduated with a bachelor of science in dental hygiene from Ohio State. She has been in the dental profession for over 12 years. While at OSU, Jess worked as an assistant in a general dental and orthodontic office. Since graduating, she's worked for a pediatric dentist, periodontist, and a prosthodontist. Needless to say, she brings a unique perspective to our practice have experience in many different fields in dentistry!

"I love to go. I most often visit Colorado and the Louisiana/Mississippi coasts. I have great friends in both places and they offer the best of both worlds - the mountains and the beach! I love camping, hiking, climbing/rappelling, and playing with my dog Harris. A few things I could do without: bears, bugs, and wet firewood. Not too worried about bears here in Ohio, but when I'm in Colorado I always bring along my trusty bear bell. I also enjoy Netflix, endless bowls of popcorn (sorry kids), painting (walls, canvas, furniture, whatever), and cleaning. I love to clean! (Wow, that's lame). I was once a flight attendant, although only for a few months in between college quarters (when those still existed). Being a flight attendant was fun; albeit challenging, while it lasted, but I would much rather go on a road trip than fly.

Ultimately, my life revolves around my spoiled poodle, who is almost 3 years old (21 in dog years). He will play fetch all day and every day, and he loves the dirt and mud (he spends a lot of time in the tub). In the near future, my husband, Ryan, and I are hoping to get a new friend for Harris...and possibly some goats or chickens!"