Dental Hygienist


Katie graduated with a bachelor of science in dental hygiene from Ohio State. Katie returns to our practice with over 5 years of experience in orthodontics and is a former patient of Dr. Cook!

"I feel as though I'm working in the field of dentistry where I belong and in the same office where I started as an orthodontic patient myself. From these experiences, I have grown to have a passion for this specialty. I love the biomechanics of orthodontic treatment and the smiles you receive from patients at the conclusion of treatment.

My husband and I reside in Grandview with our two kids, two dogs, two turtles, and cat. Our family has grown with our kids, Willow and Warren. I'm in full mommy mode right now and just love being with them doing anything and everything. We used to travel often before we had children and now the only places I travel to are Target and Kroger!

Things to expect from me if I call out your name in the waiting room: I love dogs so if you have a dog be sure to show me his/her picture when you are with me. If there's a song playing in the office that I like chances are that I will be humming to it. I'm a huge foodie consumer and can talk about food all day. My favorite color choice for your braces is burgundy so chances are if you ask me to choose, burgundy is what you'll get! I look forward to meeting you!"