Invisible Aligners

Lady smilingYour invisible aligner appliance has been specially produced from models of your teeth. The appliance is activated each time you firmly seat it over your teeth. The special material has been pre-programmed to coax your teeth coward a more ideal and pleasing position. While the amount of movement each appliance can produce is measured in fractions of millimeters, the force will be noticeable and may result in some temporary discomfort. As the teeth straighten, the appliance will feel looser and you will experience less discomfort. After approximately 4-6 weeks your teeth should have moved to the designed correction. This is the indication to move on to the next unit. Multiple aligner appliances will be utilized until the teeth are straight.

Each appliance should be worn at all times — even when you sleep. You should remove the aligner when eating. Place and remove it with care. When you remove the appliance, always start in the back, on one side only, and slowly peel the appliance off your teeth from one side to the other. Never flex the material in the middle by pulling the appliance off your teeth from both sides at the same time. If you lose an appliance you need to call the office immediately. Lost wearing time can extend treatment time and compromise results.

When not worn, your aligner must be kept in its storage box. This will protect it from breakage and contamination.

Your aligner may simply be rinsed off after meals and in-between snacks, but should be thoroughly cleansed before retiring each night. You should clean your aligner by holding it in the palm of your hand, deep in the basin of the sink, and gently scrub it with your toothbrush. Then carefully rinse it off with luke-warm water. Do not use toothpaste or mouthwash on your invisible aligner. This will cause cracking and scratching of the appliance.