Reverse Pull Headgear-Night Brace

Man smilingThe reverse pull headgear is a very important part of your orthodontic treatment. A reverse pull headgear will help to move your upper jaw forward with growth, which is critical to do at a young age, thereby reducing or possibly eliminating the need for very involved jaw surgery later in life. This treatment is to be taken very seriously and followed precisely if an acceptable result is to be achieved.

What to Expect:

  • The headgear attaches to at least two molar teeth with elastics. Those teeth will feel sore or tender for a few days.
  • Sleeping will be different at first until you get used to sleeping with the headgear on your face.
  • If the bands or expander which the headgear attaches to becomes loose, then discontinue the reverse pull headgear and call our office.


  • Wear your reverse headgear one hour before nighttime and all evening.
  • Wear you headgear consistently every day to get the proper orthodontic benefit.


  • Never let somebody pull on your headgear.
  • Never play rough while your headgear is on.
  • Do not skip any days; this will cause improper movement.