Tooth Positioner

Boy with bracesYour tooth positioner is a custom-made appliance that your orthodontist designed just for you to effectively accomplish final tooth movement without braces. Faithful wearing of this appliance will complete your treatment and provide an excellent result.

  • SEATING YOUR POSITIONER: Place the positioner in the proper sockets over your upper teeth. Next, fit your lower teeth in the appliance by biting into the lower sockets.
  • WHEN TO WEAR YOUR POSITIONER: You should wear your positioner four hours during the day. Wear no less than 30 minutes at a time or your appliance will be ineffective. Also, wear your appliance at night while you sleep. It is essential to exercise your teeth while wearing your positioner by clenching into the appliance every 10-15 minutes for 20-second intervals.
  • CARING FOR YOUR POSITIONER: Rinse your positioner before and after each use. Brush it with toothpaste and toothbrush at least one time per day. Do not boil your positioner or leave near extreme heat. Always put your positioner in its case when you are not wearing it.
  • Your teeth will be sore at first. This is normal. If your jaw joints become sore or you notice “popping” or “clicking” in your jaw joints, stop wearing your tooth positioner and call our office.

WARNING: Pets love to chew on positioners. Keep it in a safe place.